Was The 1961 Moon Landing Fake?

Psychics Disbelief of the Moon Landing

Was the moon landing a hoax?  Many people including famous psychics like bestpsychiccharlotte.com – psychic reading believe so.  In 1961 president John F. Kennedy challenged the greatest minds in the United States to beat the Russians in sending a man to the moon.  If achieved, it would be the greatest feat of engineering and skills within the common era.  It appears we have achieved it, unless it was all a complete hoax.

For a few years no one questioned the validity of the moon landing and assumed everything happened just as the government said it did.  However, in the mid 1970’s, things started to change a bit.  Several books and interviews with people on the inside came out that stated the moon landing was fake.  This information started to take root and became a full-fledged conspiracy.

So why would the government lie about walking on the moon.  Well, it comes down to a matter of pride.  We were in a world-wide competition to be the first to send a man to the moon.  The Americans were already behind the Russians in the space game.  The Russians were the first to send a working satellite into space to gather more information.  The United States wasn’t about to lose the race to the moon as well.

Many people believe that the technology of the 1960’s was not advanced enough to be able to send a man to the moon.  They also believe the space suits and technology needed to actually step foot on the surface of the moon was not good enough at the time.  However, let’s assume the technology was good enough.  What other reasons do people doubt the moon landing?

Many people have a problem with the photos and video taken of the moon landing.  They believe it was a conspiracy between Hollywood and our government to fool the world.  People who doubt the moon landing point out the shadows and lighting and say the images had been retouched.

Whether you believe the moon landing occurred or not is up to you.  Although, if you do believe so, you would be in the minority because 80 percent of the people recently surveyed believe the moon landing is true and not a hoax.  In fact with the advances of digital photography many professionals have determined the credibility of the photos in question.  So which do you believe?  Did the moon landing actually happen or not?